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About Us

Our Work

Chuck, former president of 7000BC, the NM Independent Comic Creators' Collective, was born to tell stories. In his 67 years on planet earth, he has been disguised as an electronics and computer  professional to make a living, but simmering beneath the paycheck-to-paycheck glamour all along was the relationship to story. Always, the experience is in how we affix it to our mental models of reality.

Dominique was bitten by the poetry bug early on in third grade when one of her poems was published in the local newspaper in Rapid City, SD, where she grew from a wee lass into a liberal and loud teen. Since the South Dakota plains and mountains were so full of wind and wheat, she took that voice to Los Angeles, CA and then to Albuquerque, NM, where she promptly met up with Chuck whose language seems to be eternal music to her ears.

She now writes fiction, inspirational non-fiction, including an astrology newsletter each month, still some of that poetry, and a lot of nonfiction stuff to help businesses out such as technical writing for healthcare and software industries. Her careers in the past have been as a software engineer and she is finishing a masters' degree in clinical social work.

After 25 years or so together, the kids are grown, careers have been outgrown, and the creative muse is stronger than ever. These are the offerings at the developmental stage of life when wisdom-giving, seeking meaning and words are in ascension.

Our Community

We look to connect with you, our community. We provide writing resources and inspiration for you, as well as products for you to enjoy. We would like to see you on Facebook, Patreon, Twitter and Instagram. We appreciate your patronage and support for our work so we can thrive and survive--and help you thrive. 

Even if you cannot afford to spend money, your attention is valuable to us. Your own creative pursuits are something we treasure, because creativity--whether it be writing, art, or simply living with kindness and finding what is deeply authentic, humanitarian and important in being you--is something we want to hear about and learn about. Tell us more about what makes you tick. And tock.

A couple of the things that Dominique writes about and/or volunteers / advocates for in the community in her spare time are issues of inclusivity for people with disabilities (and this would include the issue of finding a way to provide health care for all people in the United States), and the importance of play for young children (play is the work of young children).

Join Our Journey

Chuck blogs on this site about his upcoming projects.

Dominique has the following ongoing programs:

The Existential Resource Center on Patreon provides ongoing events to help support and keep up our spirits in our home and inside ourselves--"inside our shells," as we unwrap and create the future. This includes journaling ideas, inspirational events and resources, creative/art making prompts, and informational videos on interesting topics of, well, existence. 

The Astrological Resource Center is an online gathering place for those of us interested in all aspects of astrology. It's also a Patreon Community with events and classes.


POSTHUMAN: Posthuman is the novel Chuck and Dominique are co-authoring. What if, 400 years from now, the Descendants of the Capital rose up to try to take control of humanity just as the technology to expand beyond the solar system was emerging? And what if humanity's freedom depended upon a ragtag team of interstellar science geeks and one jewelry designer who doesn't believe in biological enhancements, aka, instantiations?

Today Is A Good Day Book: Today is a Good Day is a coffee table or daily inspirational book filled with positive ways to view the day. It will be 365 inspirational focus points to help you with growth and development in positive psychology and thinking habits.

The Astrological Cookbook: Dominique's writing a book on food as related to astrology, so for 2020, many of these topics are focused on food anthropology. Topics may include meditation techniques, history as it relates to our lifestyle, how to connect ideas to ground them into our daily way of life.